USAID, HU Collaboration Powers Peaceful Action to Solve Worldwide Problems

USAID and Humanity United announce partnership to strengthen peaceful collective action on a worldwide scale through Powered by the People.

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Reflecting on 2022 and Looking Ahead to 2023

HU Managing Partner Srik Gopal offers his reflections on 2022 and looks ahead to the rest of 2023

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Migrant Workers Gain New Protections Against Sex Discrimination and Retaliation

Through the unflagging work of organizations like our partner Centro de los Derechos del Migrante, Inc., major victories have been secured this month to advance migrant and gender equity in labor migration.

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The Power of Grassroots Initiatives to Create a More Peaceful Future

HU's Lexi Mairone reflects on how local grassroots initiatives are shaping the future for communities across Colombia.

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The Climate Crisis is a Human Rights Crisis

We must acknowledge that the worsening condition of our planet exacerbates human rights challenges.

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Creating a Culture Where Peace Can Grow in Colombia

HU's Melanie Greenberg writes about how Colombia's people are building a culture of peace after 50 years of conflict.

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Peacebuilding in Colombia: Lessons in Reconciliation

HU's Corie Walsh reflects on what our Colombian partners have taught us about reconciliation, and how peacebuilding is an act of love.

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Peacebuilding in Colombia: There is a Future if There is Truth

HU's Leslie Wingender reflects on the work of the Colombian Truth Commission since the signing of the peace agreement in 2016.

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