Event Recap: Human Rights Day

Humanity United joined to honor Liberian Nobel Prize Laureate Leymah Gbowee on the 74th anniversary of Human Rights Day with the Human Rights Global Treasure Award.

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Worker Organizing, Empowerment and Rights as a Bedrock of Democracy: A Joint Funder Statement at the Summit for Democracy

In advance of this week's Democracy Summit, we are pleased to join our fellow FORGE collaborative members in issuing a statement reminding philanthropic and world leader's of the importance of recognizing that strong labor movements are essential for vibrant, functioning democracies. 

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Grieving the loss of Gabriel Stauring and Katie-Jay Scott Stauring

Gabriel and Katie-Jay were loving partners, parents, and humanitarians who worked throughout their lives to alleviate human suffering.

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Kehinde Togun promoted to Managing Director, Public Engagement Portfolio

Kehinde Togun will become the next Managing Director of HU's Public Engagement Portfolio.

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Re:Structure Lab shows how “business as usual” drives forced labor

The Re:Structure Lab project shows how forced labor in supply chains is the logical and even necessary result of a business model that prioritizes the maximization of short-term profits at the expense of anything that might get in the way.

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Photography as a tool for peace: What comes from picturing everyday peace for communities in Colombia?

In Colombia, community members had the opportunity to transform indicators for peace into photo exhibits that adorn the streets of their villages.

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We Must Engage in “Improbable Dialogue”

John Paul Lederach, HU Senior Fellow, reflects on his own lessons learned engaging in peacebuilding around the world and his perspective on the implementation of the Peace Accord in Colombia.

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HU Statement on the Situation in Sudan

Humanity United condemns the military takeover in Sudan, and the arrest of Prime Minister Hamdok, other ministers, and members of civil society.

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