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Innovative Pathways for Peace

At a time of rapidly expanding conflict and deep shifts in the global context, creative solutions must rise to address intractable challenges. While facing profound challenges of climate change, democratic decline, closing civic space, and polarized information ecosystems, it is imperative that peacebuilders have space to adapt their strategies to meet the moment.

Peacebuilders across contexts and levels are already at work building new—and rediscovering ancient—ways of building peace that center the leadership and wisdom of communities. By investing in spaces for creativity and innovation, providing risk-tolerant resources for peacebuilders piloting alternative practices, and nurturing channels to share learning and wisdom, we create opportunities for the emergence of new ways of working toward a sustainable, just peace.

Within this area, we seek to support partners who:

  • Develop and advocate for new approaches to funding, accountability, governance, measurement, and learning in peacebuilding, with an emphasis on innovation that supports proximate peacebuilders
  • Facilitate spaces for imagination and action for emergent systems

Learn more about our approach in our strategy.



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