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Influencing Policy Outcomes



To achieve HU’s mission and advance program objectives, the Public Engagement Portfolio focuses on two main pathways to change: centering communities with lived experience and influencing policy outcomes.

Our focus on influencing policy outcomes is integral to advancing peace and freedom worldwide. Through targeted efforts, we are committed to changing policy, practice, and influencing resource allocation within the U.S. foreign policy system and international institutions.

This approach involves collaborative efforts across our portfolio which include coalition-building, direct advocacy, communications, and funding high-impact journalism, to ensure that key institutions are accountable and responsive to those most affected by human exploitation and violent conflict.

Desired Outcomes:

  • Policy Success: Policies related to advancing peace and freedom increasingly reflect the voices of those most affected by exploitation and conflict and are adopted, funded, and implemented within the United States and international institutions.
  • Accountable & Responsive Institutions: Policy-makers and decision-makers have incentives to follow through on their commitments to peace and freedom.
  • Strong, Stable Media: A strong, stable, well-resourced public interest media that generates accurate, trusted information for policy-makers and influencers.
  • Resilient civil society: NGOs and civil society leaders working in the systems we seek to influence have the resources and skills to influence decision-makers and maintain organizational resilience effectively.

Through collaboration with our partners, we advocate privately and publicly, when appropriate, to uphold commitments to peace and freedom.




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