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Mission & Values

Our Mission

Humanity United cultivates conditions that transform human exploitation and violent conflict to enduring peace and freedom.

Our Values

  • Shared Humanity

    We recognize the interconnectedness and the intrinsic dignity of all human beings. We approach our work with open hearts, engaging with people and communities, as well as each other, from a place of genuine respect, curiosity, and dedication to continual learning. We listen, engage, and partner with those who are most impacted by the problems we work on.

  • Humility

    We strive to be humble in the face of intractable problems that face humanity, recognizing our own biases, limitations, and shortcomings. We work in service to others.

  • Commitment

    We are all-in on HU’s mission and committed to the work and time it will take to realize a world with enduring freedom and peace. We are also deeply committed to one another – our health, learning, and resiliency – as we work together.

  • Curiosity

    We are deeply curious about our work, the problems as well as the solutions. We want to learn from others and ourselves to improve our service and impact.

  • Innovation & Creativity

    We have the courage to be open-minded and vulnerable to change with a changing world, to support the most promising solutions in the face of uncertainty, and to honor the agency of nontraditional stakeholders and each other in solving problems. We are willing to take risks, and to fail, in order to learn and grow.

  • Inclusivity & Diversity

    We recognize that diversity is a core strength of humanity. We seek out and value a diversity of perspectives and partners, and we try to elevate the contributions of individuals and communities that aspire to a world free of human exploitation and violent conflict.

  • Joy

    We seek joy – the expression of inner peace, happiness, and contentment – which is an important source of strength and healing in the face of the persistent human problems that are the focus of our work.

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