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Inclusive Peace Processes

Political transitions and peace processes are often controlled by elite power holders and leave marginalized communities without a voice or agency to build sustainable peace. And too often, those who choose violence are perceived as the only acceptable, legitimate stakeholders in the resolution of a conflict.

At Humanity United, we intentionally support actors who choose nonviolence and other peaceful means, to increase their chances of being able to participate and help lead the resolution of a conflict, and to proactively build shared norms, values, and institutions that meet their needs and deliver sustainable peace.

Within this area, we support partners who:

  • Explore solutions to conflict that incorporate a variety of stakeholders
  • Bridge grassroots and elite actors for more inclusive, responsive, and sustainable outcomes
  • Support inclusive political transition and peace process design (pre-accord)
  • Champion holistic interventions and implementations of negotiations and post-conflict transitions (post-accord)
  • Document, research, and investigate crimes related to conflict
  • Support tools and skills for leadership in conflict-affected areas (international, national, and grassroots)
  • Weave together key networks for collective action

Learn more about our approach in our strategy.



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