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Worker Power

We believe that if we support workers’ ability to organize and act collectively, then we can shift existing power dynamics toward greater leadership of workers, which will in turn counteract the marginalization that can lead to exploitation.

Our work to expand worker power begins with the recognition of the inherent dignity of workers, regardless of the factors that may contribute to their marginalization.

As inequities continue to increase and workers are experiencing exacerbated risks related to challenging the status quo, our efforts are aimed at supporting the leadership of workers within the broader labor movement. We seek to elevate the strategies, influence, and decision-making power of workers, both in their workplaces as well as in the context of organizing and advocacy.

We emphasize the diversity and inclusion of workers and worker organizing as part of the larger labor movement, including migrants, women, Dalit communities, and temporary or transient communities.

In a system where workers’ voices are more clearly heard and respected, workers will be better able to hold accountable the corporations that benefit from their work.


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