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Operations Team

The Operations team drives HU’s internal operating systems, managing finance, people, facilities, IT, legal, and grants management. The team is focused on ensuring that the organization has the internal leadership, infrastructure, and culture in place to achieve its goals of cultivating the conditions for enduring peace and freedom.

Our Approach to Our Work:

We operate with respect for one another, for the team and the organization, and for the work. To be effective partners we:

  • Adhere to HU’s guidelines, policies, and procedures
  • Follow through with actions and acknowledgments
  • Balance our commitment to partnership and the need to honor our priorities

We practice clear and honest communication by:

  • Being honest in a meaningful way
  • Practicing transparency with each other about decisions, plans, problems, and availability
  • Communicating regularly and transparently to ensure alignment with our work and values

We approach our work with a growth mindset by:

  • Embracing learning and growth
  • Leaning into failure and seeing mistakes as vital learning opportunities
  • Approaching our work with creativity and innovation
  • Engaging other voices to ensure that we can  do our best thinking and learning

We support each other and advocate for one another by:

  • Proactively lifting each other and finding ways to celebrate team members’ accomplishments
  • Helping each other set and maintain boundaries so that we can succeed and thrive in our work
  • Balancing comfort and stability in times of change

We embrace differences as a strength by:

  • Going beyond DEIJ alone and creating a sense of belonging for each member of the team
  • Practicing care of ourselves, others, the org, our partners, and our mission
  • Understanding and appreciating the individual needs and circumstances of team members

We actively work to develop our collective “power literacy” by:

  • Recognizing, understanding, articulating and working to navigate power in our daily work lives
  • Developing and strengthening our ability to give and receive feedback in generative ways
  • Moving and acting from a place of humility and shared humanity within the HU system

We cultivate joy in our work and relationships by:

  • Committing to exploring new ways of connecting
  • Pausing and making time for moments of celebration
  • Intentionally creating space for connection in the ongoing cadence of our work
  • Being mindful of not sacrificing our joy (or any of the other values!) for the sake of our commitment.


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