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Our Work Culture

At Humanity United, our work culture is centered on uplifting our values, building relationships with one another, and learning from each other.


Humanity United is driven by the values of shared humanity, humility, commitment, curiosity, innovation and creativity, inclusivity and diversity, and joy. These values shape our collaborations with partners and define how we interact internally. You can explore each of our values here


Relationships and connections are a key element of HU’s work culture. We believe that strong, positive relationships enhance collaboration and spark creativity across the organization. We like to stay connected through in-person and virtual gatherings, which happen regularly and encompass a wide scope of activities. We aim to bring joy into our teams’ work as much as possible.


Humanity United is committed to sharing what we’re learning about our work, discussing the trends we see, and exploring how those learnings can inform future work. We do this through day-to-day conversations and meetings as well as at all-staff and team retreats. Learning from our colleagues is crucial to better understand how we contribute to HU’s mission and how we can further advance that work.

Alongside our core values, relationships, and commitment to learning, our organizational strategy, DEIJ initiatives, and trauma-informed practices are a cornerstone of our work culture.

Learn more about our work culture by listening to this Business of Giving Podcast Episode.



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