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Public Engagement

Our Public Engagement portfolio convenes actors across sectors to build shared understanding and create incentives to marshal action. Collectively, our portfolio’s work is deeply rooted in centering the voices of those who are most harmed by conflict and exploitation.

As an institution with power and influence, we believe that Humanity United has an important role to play in ensuring that those most affected by the issues we seek to address are not only at the center of our work but also leading the path to change.

The Public Engagement team strategically employs a range of tools to influence public interest media, U.S. foreign policy institutions, and international institutions. We do this by focusing on expanding who is included and valued in journalism coverage and policy conversations.

  • Independent Journalism & Media invests in journalism organizations and networks that align with HU’s mission and programs, grounded in the belief that high-quality independent journalism is necessary to report on complex and hidden subjects, hold those in power to account, and create content that inspires change.
  • Policy & Government Relations influences governments and institutions to pursue policy change that addresses conflict and exploitation using a mix of advocacy strategies and creating sustained relationships with policymakers, diverse coalitions, survivors, and those affected by marginalization or violence.
  • Strategic Communications increases the reach and influence of HU and its partners through traditional and social media outreach, skills training, and content and editorial development while also maintaining HU’s public-facing brand and reputational capital.

As a cross-cutting portfolio, each team within Public Engagement – and the portfolio as a whole – closely collaborates with the Peacebuilding and Forced Labor & Human Trafficking portfolios, as well as the Racial Justice & Equity program, on mutually aligned goals that strengthen our collective work while increasing our ability to affect change toward our shared mission.

Learn more about our Public Engagement strategy here.

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War in Sudan Has Severe Consequences for Darfur

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