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Strategic Communications



The Strategic Communications team helps Humanity United and its partners send clear and effective messages to various audiences in an attempt to drive positive action.

Strategic Communications sits within the Public Engagement portfolio and is crucial to achieving our goals. It also plays a unique role within the organization as the steward of HU’s brand. In that regard, Strat Comms is a multi-layered actor – it collaborates within the portfolio to achieve our desired outcomes, while also partnering with colleagues in the organization to elevate the voices of our colleagues and those of HU’s partners. In addition, it performs the corporate communications role, thoughtfully managing how we communicate our work to a public audience to build and maintain our brand while providing media and communications training inside and outside the organization.

We do this using different tactics:

  • We ensure that people who are closest to the issues we work on are front and center (blogs, social media, traditional media, speaking opportunities, etc.)
  • We partner strategically across the organization for deeply informed and more impactful results
  • We put our partners first by centering their voices and showcasing their work across our platforms
  • We offer skills training as well as content and editorial development to partners and colleagues

We look at content through a lens of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice, and we incorporate trauma-informed care thinking as we work with our partners. Our work connects to broader programmatic opportunities while maintaining focus on dismantling oppressive power structures and working in accompaniment with our internal and external partners.




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