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June 2, 2016

Africa and the International Criminal Court

A blog series dedicated to moving the narrative forward

The International Criminal Court (ICC) serves an important role and the voices in support of it need a platform to articulate their arguments for the court—and suggest reforms and ways forward. We believe we should be amplifying voices on the issue that aren’t being covered but should be. By convening an online space to discuss the ICC, we hope that we can lead others to thoughtful recommendations, increase media coverage of the issues, achieve a more visible and concerted civil society advocacy, and heighten role of key African countries and leaders who stand against impunity for atrocity crimes.

Bloggers, selected from across Africa, will be addressing a wide range of key issues, including the role of technology in bolstering the ICC through evidence collection, the role of the AU in ensuring the survival of the ICC, strategies for ensuring meaningful participation of victims and protection of witnesses in international justice processes, the potential of ICC prosecution in preventing atrocities, and strategies for strengthening the ICC.

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