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July 25, 2016

How Does Humanity Unite?

A blog series from Dr. John Paul Lederach, Humanity United Senior Fellow, exploring the challenges of social fragmentation and conflict with a focus on reconciliation, social healing, and human flourishing

How does humanity unite? I asked this fundamental question the first time I met with the Humanity United Board of Trustees. It was not the first time I sought to understand how the extraordinary gift of boundless diverse human threads weave or fray the tapestry that is and will remain our global family. My vocational impulse pursues understanding and contribution to how we hold our differences, divisions, and conflicts in ways that respect dignity and increase flourishing over harm and animosity. Given the events of the past weeks, with the deep divisions ever more present within our communities in the United States, I want to open this blog series with some thoughts about the challenge of to all of us as leaders when we live in settings of social fragmentation and at the same time are committed to pursue justice and healing in our relationships.

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