Pam Omidyar

Pam is a philanthropist, mom, and ocean lover. As our Founder and Chair of the Board, she actively helps realize her vision of a world where every one has the right to a life that is peaceful and free.

Pam and her husband Pierre are active philanthropists, guided by a common set of values – a deeply rooted belief in humanity, and a conviction that the world thrives when we prioritize treating others with compassion, dignity, and a respect for diversity. Working across many sectors and geographies, they have contributed to causes ranging from economic advancement for the underserved to technology for improving kids’ health and sustainability initiatives. Pierre and Pam received the Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy, in recognition of the lasting impact of their work.

Pam has a bachelor’s degree in biology from Tufts University and studied plant molecular genetics at the University of California, Santa Cruz, but is in constant learning mode.