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The Peacebuilding Portfolio has developed a learning plan to accompany our multi-year program strategy.

Focused on collaboration, our learning approach is based on key questions that we have organized into different levels of inquiry: portfolio, focus areas, and grants. Learning activities include annual reflection sessions, partner learning circles, and partner feedback and context surveys.

Our learning plan is intended to be a supportive tool to accompany our team and partners on a learning journey toward greater impact, more inclusive practice, and nimble strategies for complex systems.

  • Learning at the portfolio level will inform strategic and operational decisions that impact the entire team’s work. Additionally, we aim to contribute to the knowledge of the peacebuilding field about better practice and more informed systems change, and in general gain a better understanding of the complex dynamics of peacebuilding. Furthermore, we will seek to identify the most significant challenges facing peace philanthropy and how Humanity United might influence the analysis and behavior of donors in this space.
  • Learning at the focus area level will inform technical decisions and improve the work of the team within our four thematic areas: Agency for Collective Action, Innovative Pathways for Peace, Inclusive Peace Processes, Healing and Well-Being, and Country Approaches. This learning level will also examine how our partners are contributing toward each specific focus area.

Learning at the grant or initiative level will maintain continuous feedback loops with our partners, which serves all of us in our work together, and facilitates informed adaptations. Our partners have shared that they value the approach we take to learning (flexible, needs-based, partner-led, etc.). As such, we will work with partners to co-create a learning process that works best for them and their needs.

Please reach out to Leslie Wingender for any inquiries at

Learn more about our approach in our strategy.



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