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Geographic Commitments

Humanity United’s Peacebuilding team has long-term, ongoing relationships in Colombia and South Sudan, and we see positive shifts in these regions as having global ramifications. The unique ecosystems and depth of our relationships have taught us a great deal about what it means to walk alongside partners in a spirit of accompaniment. Proximate actors take a leading role in our work related to all four of our portfolio’s focus areas.

In both contexts, our work centers around supporting networks of committed peace actors working at the most critical intersections of peacebuilding efforts in their communities. In Colombia, we support a range of organizations, from the grassroots to the national level, who also collaborate with each other on social change initiatives through the ECO (Encuentro para Conocerse) network. In South Sudan, we primarily accompany individual grassroots youth peacebuilders and activists, working as a network across the country to create safe spaces for trusting relationships, model cooperation in a highly polarized context, and build toward a shared national vision of peaceful coexistence.

In the past, our geographic commitments operated as distinct programs. Now, our geographic partners will be more fully embedded into our thematic work, creating opportunities for fluid collaboration and learning across themes in the portfolio, and allowing us to learn together around how our four core focus areas manifest in unique and intertwined ways.

Learn more about our approach in our strategy.



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