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February 13, 2020

The Winds of Change Continue to Blow in Sudan

As peaceful societies throughout the world face growing threats posed by nationalism and authoritarianism, the people of Sudan have shown tremendous courage and leadership over the past year. Against overwhelming odds, and after decades of violence and repression under former President Omar al-Bashir, the Sudanese people have risen up to seize control of their own destiny. As we have learned this week, their efforts to achieve a peaceful, healing, just, and flourishing Sudan have also created an environment and a moment where Bashir may finally face justice.

Bashir’s crimes, which include genocide, war crimes, and crimes against humanity, have been exposed in chilling detail over the past decades. Under his tenure, more than three million people were displaced. Many have yet to return to their homes. Hundreds of thousands are believed to have been killed. Today, countless Sudanese live as refugees in the region or displaced within Sudan.

At a time when authoritarian leaders around the world are consolidating power and suppressing democracy, the Sudanese people have bravely and tirelessly worked for a society that rejects totalitarianism and violence. If Sudan’s transitional authorities move forward with their pledge to surrender Bashir to the International Criminal Court, the people of Sudan will also have a chance at the justice they so very much deserve.

Significant obstacles to a truly transformed Sudan still remain. Powerful remnants of Bashir’s government, the military, and mercenaries will not easily relinquish their wealth and power. The atrocities committed against democracy activists in June 2019 serve as a stark reminder that the threats of state-sponsored atrocities and crimes have not dissipated.

However, despite facing many perils during this fragile transition period, the people of Sudan are demonstrating the power of local communities to achieve transformational change. The Sudanese people continue to be an inspiration to the world, and to us here at Humanity United. It is through their own efforts, led by Sudanese leaders and communities, that meaningful progress is being made towards what was previously only a dream: a peaceful, thriving, and prosperous Sudan.

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