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July 1, 2019

Forward: Technology Solutions for Advancing Human Rights in Global Supply Chains (UC Berkeley Human Rights Center)

Forward from Dan Viederman
Download the full report here

More than twenty years after the advent of the modern anti-sweatshop movement, far too many people who work in global supply chains continue to experience systemic barriers to a life of dignity, independence, and opportunity.

Since our launch in 2008, we at Humanity United have supported a variety of approaches and partners dedicated to addressing various forms of human exploitation. We believe addressing human rights challenges in global supply chains is an area where businesses can generate positive human rights impact. We also believe that technology can play a critical role in scaling this impact.

This report provides a comprehensive and practical view into the landscape of technology solutions that seek to advance human rights in global supply chains. This report captures early warnings, guidance, and suggestions on how to overcome many of the barriers that prevent technology solutions from achieving greater adoption, scale, and impact.

Our intent for this report is to help technology solutions providers and corporate and supply chain practitioners from all industries enhance their existing efforts or inspire new opportunities for technology-driven, positive human rights impact. Meanwhile, we will continue to assert that respecting human rights is a responsibility carried by those with power and influence in supply chains—from companies to suppliers to technology solutions providers—and this responsibility must be carried out whether or not technology fulfills its promise.

On behalf of Humanity United, we thank all those involved with putting together this report, and we look forward to bringing about change with you.

Dan Viederman
Managing Director, Humanity United

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