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October 30, 2018

Blog Series From HU and Partners Explores New Approach to Peacebuilding

Implemented in collaboration between Humanity United, Oxfam IBIS and Reos Partners, the Conducive Space for Peace initiative aims to create new avenues for multi-stakeholder collaboration to explore how to best promote sustainable peace and bring about institutional change in the international system of peacebuilding support. It will enable dignified and constructive collaboration between host country stakeholders and international actors who are supporting peacebuilding and human rights efforts in conflict affected countries.

Geneva Peace Week, taking place from 4-9 November 2018, offers a unique opportunity to bring together teams that are leading innovative practices in international-national collaboration on peacebuilding from different conflict-affected contexts around the globe. During this week, we’ll be hosting a Conducive Space for Peace Accelerator where practitioners will have the opportunity to spend dedicated time with key partners to focus, reflect, and act together as a team to accelerate their local initiatives and impact. Each Accelerator cohort includes representatives of innovative partnerships between international organizations, local government, international and national NGOs, as well as other relevant actors that are collaborating and developing innovative and sustainable peacebuilding practices.

As we collectively work to reimagine our approach to peacebuilding, we have created an online space to gather the perspectives and voices of each team, seeking to answer the question: What would an institutional framework for peacebuilding that is better fit for sustaining peace and preventing violent conflict look like?

This piece is part of HU’s ongoing series exploring a new approach to peacebuilding. Follow the discussion at

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