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May 23, 2019

Request for Proposals: Evaluation of the design and impacts of city level investments to prevent and respond to human trafficking

The Pathways to Freedom project is seeking a culturally responsive evaluator with the ability to work within complex systems to conduct an evaluation of our work investing in U.S. municipal responses to human trafficking. Pathways to Freedom, a joint project of Humanity United and the NoVo Foundation, is a first of its kind anti-trafficking challenge that provides funding to U.S. cities to develop policies, practices, and funding to address labor and sexual exploitation in a new, more comprehensive way. Funding from the challenge supports three cities with Cabinet-level advisor for two years (Senior Fellows), technical assistance, grants to grassroots labor rights organizations, survivor leadership, and media/journalism support. Our goal with this evaluation is to better understand whether, and under what conditions, the Pathways model of municipal level investment enables policy and practice reform on human trafficking prevention and support to survivors.

This analysis of the Pathways model includes consideration of what’s needed for system change, tangible signs of effectiveness, sustainability of the work, and replicability. It is intended to help foundations, local and national governments, and advocacy design their own municipal level intervention on labor and sexual exploitation.

For more information, please read this request for proposals>>

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