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November 16, 2021

Kehinde Togun promoted to Managing Director, Public Engagement Portfolio

Kehinde Togun will become the next Managing Director of HU’s Public Engagement Portfolio.

This week, Humanity United’s Managing Partner, Srik Gopal, announced that Kehinde Togun will become the next Managing Director of the foundation’s Public Engagement Portfolio, effective January 1, 2022. Kehinde is being promoted from his current role as Senior Director, Policy & Government Relations, where he has spent the past year developing a new team strategy and leading HU’s efforts to engage the US government, multilateral institutions, and advocacy organizations.

The Public Engagement Portfolio—comprised of the Independent Journalism & Media, Policy & Government Relations, and Strategic Communications programs—enables Humanity United to advance its mission of cultivating conditions for peace and freedom. In his new role, Kehinde will lead the Public Engagement team’s work to build understanding, promote accountability, and marshal action among key stakeholders; supporting a broad ecosystem of organizations also working for peace and freedom around the world.

Kehinde will be replacing current Managing Director, Tim Isgitt, who announced his planned departure earlier this year after eight years at Humanity United. During Tim’s tenure, the Public Engagement Portfolio evolved from three disparate programs into a unified team. Tim will remain at HU through January 2022 as he works with Kehinde to transition into the role.

Prior to Humanity United, Kehinde was at The Arkin Group where he helped U.S. corporations make more informed investment decisions overseas. He also led teams and projects at PartnersGlobal, an HU partner and grantee, as well as the National Democratic Institute. He also advised the State Department and USAID on President Obama’s Security Governance Initiative, and he worked closely with civil society leaders and policy experts to implement the Open Government Partnership in Nigeria and Sierra Leone.

Kehinde recently co-authored articles for Just Security and Foreign Policy. The New America Foundation and the Diversity in National Security Network named him one of 20 next generation Black American national security and foreign policy leaders in 2020. He is on the boards of Partners West Africa – Nigeria and the Gem Project as well as a Term Member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

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