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December 9, 2020

Humanity United calls on the Biden-Harris Administration to work for enduring peace and freedom

For over a decade and a half, Humanity United has worked to support and build efforts to change the systems that contribute to violent conflict and human exploitation. Even in a time when we see the extreme violence and hatred mankind is capable of, we continue to be hopeful that humanity is also capable of coming together to ensure every person is afforded the peace and dignity they deserve.

We have seen the powerful impact that American leadership and action can have to further peace and freedom around the world. We also have seen the negative impacts on peace and freedom that result when the United States chooses to disengage or deprioritizes the work necessary to prevent violent conflict and human trafficking.

While adequately addressing violence, mass atrocities, and human trafficking will require a lot of work across the federal government, the Biden-Harris Administration has a tremendous opportunity to reestablish U.S. global leadership on peace, democracy, and human rights. We have four specific, achievable steps the incoming administration can take over the next four years to advance these goals. The United States has much work to do in rebuilding our reputation as a country that not only elevates the importance of policies that create and nurture enduring peace and freedom, but also is unwilling to sacrifice those important values in the name of political expediency. Humanity United stands ready to support the hard yet vital work that lies ahead to make progress towards enduring peace and freedom.

Humanity United: A Presidential Agenda for Enduring Peace and Freedom

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