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December 18, 2013

HU Statement on South Sudan

Today, Humanity United released the following statement on the situation in South Sudan:

We have been greatly distressed by the recent fighting in Juba that is now spreading to other parts of South Sudan.  At this fragile moment in the country’s young history, it is critical that all sides show restraint and a commitment to dialogue.  Continued fighting will further erode political and military unity, likely along tribal lines, and undermine the years of work that have led to South Sudan’s independence and its efforts to build a peaceful, prosperous and inclusive democratic state.  The people of South Sudan deserve the peace and security of a future built on this progress rather than a return to civil war.

We call on all political leaders throughout South Sudan to calm their supporters and prevent further violence, and to immediately engage in dialogue to resolve their differences peacefully.  The country’s leaders must respect the rule of law, including fair treatment and due process for those who have been arrested and detained, and hold those who perpetrate violence accountable for the crimes they commit.

We call on faith, tribal and civic leaders throughout South Sudan to continue to engage with both the country’s political leaders and with their respective constituencies to urge an end to violence and promote reconciliation among all the South Sudanese people, whether through the National Reconciliation Commission or other vehicles.

We also call on the African Union, the United States government and others in the international community to re-double their engagement at the highest levels to prevent the spread of violence in South Sudan and halt this descent into civil war.

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