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May 17, 2017

HU President & CEO Speaks at James Madison University’s Summit Series

In March, HU President and CEO, Randy Newcomb, had the honor of delivering a keynote presentation at the third annual Cultivating the Globally Sustainable Self Summit Series hosted by James Madison University in Virginia.

“What might it require of us to encourage a more holistic view of the world to shift beliefs and values? I would suggest that much of this anchors in qualities of leadership that encourage trust over control, humility in place of brand, engagement across broad networks instead of a hub and spoke model, and a mission focus over organizational promotion.”

The Summit Series is centered on five urgent global themes: conflict resolution, human rights, sustainability, global education, and religious and cultural understanding. Over the years, the Summit Series has brought together approximately 80 leading and interdisciplinary scholars, educators, and practitioners from around the world to discuss these issues, and promote human learning, growth, understanding, and engagement surrounding these crucial problems facing society today.

Watch Randy’s entire keynote presentation below:

Video courtesy of James Madison University.

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