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February 27, 2014

Global Supply Chains Summit 2014: Responsibility, Respect and Rights

Today more than ever, consumers expect companies to provide greater transparency into their supply chains and to take responsibility for the labor practices within them. So, what can you do to demonstrate that you not only abide by the rules, but you’re helping to ratify them on a global scale?

Humanity United, in association with the Guardian and IHRB, presents the Global Supply Chains Summit:  April 11, 2014, London.

This one-day, invitation-only conference is designed to allow corporations and investors to understand and build the business case for effective management of risks related to human trafficking and forced labor throughout multinational supply chains. Formulated and delivered by business for business, attendants will come away with a clear and comprehensive overview of the various manifestations of trafficking and forced labor in multinational supply chains and what can be done to ensure that procedures are transparent while remaining efficient and profitable.
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