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September 13, 2017

Announcing Pathways to Freedom

Today we are excited to announce the official start of Pathways to Freedom, the Partnership for Freedom’s third and final anti-trafficking challenge. Pathways to Freedom will challenge assumptions about trafficking and reward and support novel, city-wide approaches to preventing human trafficking and addressing the unmet needs of survivors in the United States. Humanity United and the NoVo Foundation lead this challenge in collaboration with 100 Resilient Cities.

To encourage and support innovative city-wide responses that reach all survivors of human trafficking, Pathways to Freedom is also launching a city competition today. Twenty-four U.S. cities within the 100 Resilient Cities network will compete and three winning cities will be awarded funding for a senior fellow. The fellow will serve directly in municipal government and work across multiple city agencies and with a range of community stakeholders to create and implement a city-wide policy blueprint on human trafficking in their cities.

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