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March 23, 2015

A Call To Fund In-Country Grassroots Organizations Addressing the Effects of Ebola

Today Humanity United joins the New Field Foundation and 26 other funders calling for increased investment in local grassroots organizations to support a sustainable response to Ebola:

“This is a call to the philanthropic community for greater investment in grassroots organizations addressing Ebola in West Africa. Of the billions of dollars in funds already committed to this cause, the greater proportion of these funds is intended for international aid organizations. Grassroots organizations working on the frontlines, particularly in Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone, are significantly underfunded despite their potential to generate impact where it is most needed – in the affected communities. These grassroots organizations need funding that they are responsible for and can allocate according to community-led initiatives and priorities.”

Read the full letter and sign on here. To learn more about Humanity United’s response to Ebola in Liberia, click here.

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