Independent Journalism & Media Program

At Humanity United, we engage media partners, journalists, and storytellers in order to educate audiences about important social issues. Our ultimate objective is to help create the space for action and change.

We support journalism and media that align with our mission and relate to our programmatic work, adhering to the following key principles (downloadable here):

  • Independence: We recognize and honor the firewall of editorial independence that is essential to the integrity of this work. The media organizations and journalists we support have the freedom to develop and publish stories without interference from HU.
  • Integrity: We seek and work with partners who practice the highest quality of reporting and with media outlets that have high quality editorial and ethical standards.
  • Transparency: We strive to be transparent about funding journalism, and we ask the media outlet or reporter to disclose that HU is a funding source.
  • Inclusivity: We support organizations that demonstrate their dedication to inclusive journalistic practices and seek diverse voices and perspectives. We strive to reach a variety of audiences through our media support.

Our Independent Journalism and Media (IJAM) program focuses on investigative journalism and reporting on issues including emerging conflicts, human trafficking, and exploitation. The IJAM program is grounded in the belief that we need high-quality, independent journalism to help make sense of the world around us and to shift harmful systems and practices towards peace and freedom. We also support trainings, convenings, and support for journalists.

Current partners include: The Guardian, Fuller Project, Global Investigative Journalism Network, Pulitzer Center, Global Press, The New Humanitarian, Global Reporting CentreopenDemocracy Beyond Trafficking and Slavery, Nepal Investigative Multimedia Journalism Network, Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism, and Capital B.

As with all our work, we want to understand the impact of the reporting we support. We work with grantees and partners to learn from our journalism investments and better understand the links between reporting and the change we seek in the world.