Corporate Accountability

We believe corporations have a responsibility to ensure that all workers are treated with dignity and compensated fairly throughout their supply chains, and that stakeholders should hold corporations accountable for labor exploitation.

Corporate outsourcing of production has created an environment in which there is little visibility and oversight of labor conditions in global supply chains. As corporations work to maximize their profits and meet consumer demand for low prices, a system that incentivizes the use of forced labor has become pervasive. We recognize that the market is currently structured to favor capital over labor and perpetuates the abuse and exploitation of labor, particularly migrant workers.

Our work focuses on developing and promoting economic and business models that ensure that prices paid for goods cover the true costs of production, and do not increase the risk of forced labor.

We also support and accompany work to organize external pressure on corporations, including the use of capital markets and financial intermediaries to hold businesses accountable for the labor practices that take place in their supply chains; the development of standards and regulations for companies; and the documentation of both labor abuses and the impact of reforms. Our work also includes encouraging corporate collaboration and dialogue that puts workers at the center, including collective learning about the scale needed to make a significant impact.