Humanity United is a philanthropic organization dedicated to cultivating the conditions for enduring peace and freedom. We recognize that we live in a deeply interconnected world, where we are all united by the challenges and opportunities we face. We support and work alongside partners who are working to advance human dignity and change the systems that enable violent conflict and human exploitation around the world.

At HU we work to be in relationship with our partners, both supporting and accompanying them in a way that honors their expertise and the lived experience and agency of those closest to these issues. We support efforts to shift and build the power of individuals and communities to determine and pursue the outcomes or solutions that best address their needs.  We use our influence, often working through networks, to make a wide range of stakeholders and institutions accountable and responsive to the people most impacted by human exploitation and violent conflict. Finally, we support efforts that recognize and advance the shared humanity, interconnectedness, and intrinsic dignity of all human beings. 

We focus on two broad areas of work, peacebuilding and combating forced labor and human trafficking, supporting programs in specific geographic contexts around the world. We also invest in journalism, advocacy and policy change, and strategic communications to bring attention, accountability, and action to these issues.

We believe that when committed individuals and organizations come together, we can foster a more inclusive, free, and peaceful world where all people have an opportunity to flourish.

Humanity United is a member of The Omidyar Group, a diverse collection of independent organizations and initiatives that pursue different ways to improve the lives of people and societies.