Explore The Fuller Project’s Work Across the World in their 2022 Interactive

Today, women are still only one in four of the people you read, hear and see in the news. This International Women’s Day, The Fuller Project is again highlighting women’s voices and perspectives around the world, bringing local stories to a global context.

Founded in 2015, The Fuller Project is an award-winning nonprofit newsroom dedicated to groundbreaking reporting on women in the U.S. and around the world. Through investigative and enterprise reporting, The Fuller Project seeks to address the systematic underrepresentation of women in the news with a focus on those whose voices are most marginalized, to fulfill journalism’s promise to inform, expose abuses of power and human rights, and inspire urgent action. We work in partnership with other leading newsrooms at the local, national and global level such as Reckon, TIME, FiveThirtyEight and The New York Times, fostering a community of editors dedicated to addressing gender bias.

Explore Fuller Project stories across the globe in this interactive: the Native women fighting for food sovereignty in the United States, factory workers speaking out against sexual abuse in Lesotho, how climate change is driving child sex trafficking in West Bengal and so much more.

Xanthe Scharff, CEO and Co-Founder, The Fuller Project

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