Tian Taylor

Tian is Associate, Grants Management for Humanity United. In this role, she works to keep HU’s grantmaking practices, processes, and systems running smoothly, with the goal of driving equity and centering our grantee partners.

Prior to joining HU, Tian served as the Program Administrator for Michael Reese Health Trust, a public health foundation located in Chicago, IL. In this role, Tian was responsible for providing financial, operational, systems management, and programmatic support to program staff, including the Grants Manager, Director of Grants, and Program Officers. Tian previously supported their Chief Financial and Operations Officers in managing investments, working with vendors, and overseeing accounting procedures.

Tian has traveled to South Africa where she taught in various parts of the country and has extensive experience volunteering with non-profits and NGOs. These experiences imprinted on her a passion for international philanthropy. Tian graduated with a bachelor’s degree in international studies and is currently completing coursework to obtain her MBA.