Corie Walsh

Corie Walsh is a Portfolio Manager for Peacebuilding at Humanity United. Prior to joining HU, she worked as the Monitoring, Evaluation, & Research Procurement Advisor for Mercy Corps, where she managed the roll out of a global multi-million dollar master service agreement system. She also implemented a department-wide equity learning plan to increase shared understanding of equity and oppression, identify reforms to increase inclusion, and develop a plan to sustain and habituate efforts. Prior to that she worked in Yemen as a Grants and Reporting Specialists, where she was responsible for the country office’s communications, strategic planning, donor relations, business development, program standards compliance, and team training.

Corie is passionate about building a more just world, creating community, and solving complex problems. In addition to her professional work, Corie serves on the Board of Directors for the Pepita Foundation that practices trust-based philanthropy. She is also engaged in mutual aid, disability justice, and community work.

Corie holds a bachelor’s degree in peace, war, and defense from University of North Carolina. She is based in Washington, DC and in her free time loves to foster dogs, cook, and explore new places.