Peacebuilding & Conflict Transformation

At Humanity United, we believe that all people deserve to live in a peaceful world where they have the opportunity to seek their full potential. Unfortunately, fundamental peace and security are increasingly at risk and international order is being challenged in ways we haven’t seen before.

But where there is change, there is also opportunity. This moment offers a critical window to rethink and improve the ways in which the peacebuilding field addresses violent conflict. Despite significant efforts, resources, and goodwill, current approaches to peacebuilding and conflict prevention often fall short of achieving their ambitions. At HU, we want to enhance the power of local and national actors in order to better prevent conflict and promote lasting solutions to cycles of violence and work with others to shift the peacebuilding system.

As part of our Transforming Peacebuilding strategy, our team will support diverse and dynamic national and local partners in Zimbabwe and Mali to develop and advance their own approaches to building the conditions necessary for peace. We hope that our work with these change-makers can help grow their networks and boost their collective capacity to stop violence before it begins. Our goal is to reinforce positive dynamics that can best create sustainable peace.

Alongside our in-country work, HU will build partnerships with other innovators and influencers to promote greater discussion and dialogue on how we can transform peacebuilding practices. With others, we seek to demonstrate that creative approaches to peacebuilding work can result in lasting solutions to violent conflict. Over time, we hope this body of work will make the case and build the demand for more holistic reform.

HU also remains committed to peace in Sudan and South Sudan – the countries in which HU began working when we were founded. New strategies for both these countries are currently under development.