Impact Investing in Supply Chain Solutions

Impact investing can spark much-needed supply chain innovation.

At Humanity United, we believe that businesses can be a powerful force for good. Unfortunately, the approaches available to corporations to mitigate extreme labor abuses in supply chains have not had impact and scale.  As a result, we are committed to investing in new ideas and solutions, using market-based approaches to drive innovation for greater supply chain accountability and transparency — which ultimately benefits millions of vulnerable people, working at the bottom of the economic pyramid.

Humanity United is collaborating with corporations and foundations to drive new resources to develop and scale supply chain solutions in specific areas, including:

  • Empowering workers to provide real-time feedback on working conditions via mobile technologies;
  • Enhancing the traceability of source materials and products throughout the supply chain; and
  • Providing easy ways for migrants seeking employment and suppliers seeking workers to identify ethical labor recruiters;

To learn more about this work, please contact Ed Marcum at [email protected] and Dan Viederman at [email protected].