Humanity United: Child soldier waivers allow children as weapons of war

Washington, D.C.—This weekend, President Trump signed a waiver allowing continued military funding to South Sudan despite it being listed in violation of the Child Soldier Prevention Act. The 2008 law forbids the U.S. to provide military assistance to governments found to be recruiting or using children in their national military or government-supported militias.

Jesse Eaves, Director of Policy and Government Relations at Humanity United, released the following statement:

“The use of children as weapons of war should appall each and every one of us. Yet the Trump Administration has made a conscious, proactive decision to give South Sudan a pass on this. Signing this waver means that U.S. taxpayer money supports the continued exploitation of these children.

“This action continues a shameful tradition of the U.S. continuing to allow funding to flow to regimes that actively use children to carry out vicious attacks against civilians.

“For an administration that claims to prioritize the fight to end human trafficking, this waiver allows one of the more pernicious forms of child trafficking to flourish using U.S. military funding.”