HU Statement on the Situation in Sudan

Humanity United condemns the military takeover in Sudan, and the arrest of Prime Minister Hamdok, other ministers, and members of civil society. We also condemn the murder of Sudanese citizens exercising their basic civic and political rights. These actions are against the democratic aspirations of the people of Sudan. They also undermine Sudan’s peaceful transition toward civilian-led democratic governance after 30 years of suffering under an exclusive, corrupt, and violent dictatorship led by the Omar al-Bashir regime.

The people of Sudan deserve dignity, stability, and the inclusive democratic governance they seek. In 2019, against overwhelming odds, the Sudanese people rose up to seize control of their own destiny, ending decades of violence and repression. Now a military coup and the dissolution of the transitional government is threatening hope for a peaceful and inclusive future.

We are deeply concerned about the rapidly deteriorating situation and join the international community in calling for the protection of civilians, including those bravely and nonviolently resisting the military takeover, immediate release of political detainees, restoration of the civilian-led transitional government and its associated institutions, and resumption of internet, telecommunications, and electricity services.

We also call on the international community to stand firm against this undemocratic takeover of Sudan. Sudanese citizens overwhelmingly seek democracy and civilian rule. Governments and development partners must act now to ensure the military coup does not take hold or result in the installation of a caretaker civilian administration that does not represent the people’s will.

We stand in solidarity with the people of Sudan who continue to advocate for a more fair and inclusive government.

Cover image by Ashraf Shazly, Getty Images