HU Reaction to ILO dropping complaint against Qatar

Reacting to today’s announcement by the ILO governing body that they will close the complaint against Qatar, Rola Abimourched, Manager of Investments at Humanity United said,

“Despite the decision to close the complaint against Qatar, migrant workers are still vulnerable to forced labor and exploitation because of legal and social structures. We believe no real improvement can happen for these workers until the Qatari government removes restrictions on workers’ mobility, improves complaints mechanisms and ensures workers do not face retaliation for reporting violations, and protects all workers, including those not covered by the labor law, such as domestic workers. The technical cooperation agreement between the ILO and the Qatari government is encouraging, but there will be no progress for workers until these promises are turned into actions.

“We urge the ILO, its governing body, and key member states including the United States Government, to monitor the situation in Qatar to ensure that the government fully implements the reforms it has committed to and takes additional steps to protect all workers.”