HU Employee Spotlight: Chris Fidel

At Humanity United, we are proud to work with a talented and dedicated team that brings curiosity, empathy and creativity to our commitment to create a world with greater peace and dignity.

Each month, we will highlight one of our team members and invite you to meet the individuals that make so much of our work possible.


Name & position?
Chris Fidel, IT Associate & Web Developer

Have you had any unusual pets?
Nothing too unusual, though I did have a Sony Aibo robot dog that I loved until its heart (AKA: battery) would no longer charge. My parents have three dogs: a Lhasa Apso named Patches, a Maltese mix named Bubbles, and a mini Collie named Zelda – I love them all!

What’s the best book you’ve read lately?
I recently re-read Raptor, by Gary Jennings. It’s the story of a gender binary person living through actual historic events, primarily the fall of the Roman Empire. Think Game of Thrones told by a person named Thorn. It’s a great escape!

What do you do for fun?
I love hiking, skateboarding, rollerblading, and biking. I used to ski & snowboard, but haven’t been for a couple seasons.

What was your first job?
My first job was working for a family friend’s landscaping company. My step-father said it would help me learn the value of money, so he told that family friend that I would work for $1.00/hour. When I found out that minimum wage was $3.35/hour, I let that lawn mower run free! I can now look back and appreciate the experience.

What is the most adventurous thing you’ve done?
I lived in Osaka, Japan on and off from 1988-1999. I always had interest in Japan, and was especially interested in becoming fluent in the language. My first visit was cultural – learning The Way of Tea and Ikebana (flower arranging) in the Kansai region of Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe, and Nara. During that visit, I attended an event where I met a man who offered me a job. The following morning, his secretary called my host mother to arrange a visit to his company to discuss my coming back to Japan to work for him. My first job in Japan was working as a C Programmer at a contact lens company, writing software that controlled machines that cut contact lenses. Living in Japan was a great experience!

Favorite travel location?
Any place that has good museums and an art scene.

Favorite food indulgence?
This is a tough one! Burritos come to mind first… then I think of curry rice, maguro sushi, chicken bibimbap. The list goes on!

What is something about you that may surprise others?
In 2005, I did the programming for an art project called Carrizo-Parkfield Diaries, which made it into New York’s Whitney Artport & Museum. The project is now in their archive but can still be viewed online.

What inspires you?
Family, friends, and our work here at HU!