Catalyzing Conditions

This body of work encompasses strategic investments related to the broader peacebuilding system that are not tied to any one key dynamic. We fund a small number of key organizations that can magnify the change we are seeking, and serve as platforms for disseminating key ideas and best practices to a wide range of audiences. Key investments include:

Measuring what Matters (MWM)
Within this broader area of work, a key area of focus is how best to demonstrate evidence and impact of peacebuilding efforts—in other words, what contributes to the impact of peacebuilding programs and who determines what is impactful? Measurement of best practice remains an ongoing topic of debate in the field of peacebuilding and international development. Since peacebuilding includes hard-to-measure concepts like peace, trust, confidence in others, changes in attitudes and behaviors and conflict prevention, agreement on when and how to apply specific measurement approaches remains elusive. Peacebuilding work challenges standard quantitative and qualitative measures, because these metrics must be adapted to local contexts and shifting dynamics. What constitutes rigorous, inclusive and context-specific measurement for peacebuilding continues to be a key question for active debate and shared learning among practitioners, policymakers and peacebuilders, as the field continues to grow and adapt.

Current key investments under MWM work are: