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About the Organization

Humanity United is an organization dedicated to cultivating the conditions that transform human exploitation and violent conflict to enduring freedom and peace. With offices based in San Francisco and Washington, D.C., HU is part of The Omidyar Group, a diverse collection of organizations, each guided by its own approach, but united by a common desire to catalyze social impact.

Organizational Values

Humanity United’s guiding values include:

Core values

    • Shared Humanity: We recognize the interconnectedness and the intrinsic dignity of all human beings. We approach our work with open hearts, engaging with people and communities, as well as each other, from a place a genuine respect, curiosity, and dedication to continual learning. We listen, engage, and partner with those who are most impacted by the problems we work on.
    • Humility: We strive to be humble in the face of intractable problems that face humanity, recognizing our own biases, limitations and shortcomings. We work in service to others.
    • Commitment: We are ‘all-in’ on HU’s mission and committed to the work and time it will take to realize a world with enduring freedom and peace. No task is beneath us. We are also deeply committed to one another—our health, learning, and resiliency—as we work together for this purpose.

Aspirational values

    • Curiosity: We are deeply curious about our work, the problems as well as the solutions. We want to learn from others and ourselves to improve our service and impact.
    • Innovation & Creativity: We have the courage to be open-minded and vulnerable to change with a changing world, to support the most promising solutions in the face of uncertainty, and give agency to nontraditional stakeholders and each other in solving problems. We are willing to take risks, and to fail, in order to learn and grow.
    • Inclusivity & Diversity: We recognize that diversity is a core strength of humanity. We seek out and value a diversity of perspectives and partners, and we try to elevate the contributions of individuals and communities that aspire to a world free of human exploitation and violent conflict.
    • Joy: We seek joy—the expression of inner peace, happiness, and contentment—which is an important source of strength and healing in the face of the persistent human problems that are the focus of our work.

Permission to play values

    • Respect, Compassion, Accountability, Integrity, Kindness

The Opportunity

The Managing Partner (MP) for Humanity United is a unique and exciting opportunity to lead a cutting-edge organization working to transform the systems that contribute to human rights abuses such as violent conflict and the exploitation of people. The MP will ensure HU’s focus and alignment around mission, values, and overall strategic direction by fostering an environment of trust, collaboration, and co-creation internally, while simultaneously engaging with a variety of external colleagues, stakeholders, and networks globally to change the systems in which HU is active.

Founded by Pam Omidyar more than a decade ago to help develop and support new approaches to some of the most persistent global problems facing humankind, the new Managing Partner will be a champion of collective purpose, diversity and inclusion, and shared learning at HU. This role will help steward the organization’s values and create a platform of meaningful coordination, deep thinking and action, and operational effectiveness allowing HU to be a trusted partner and successful catalyst for change and impact in a complex, global environment. HU’s inaugural President & CEO, Randy Newcomb, has accepted a role as senior advisor to The Omidyar Group after 15 impactful years at HU. HU’s Founder, Pam Omidyar continues in her role on the Board to help bring about the extraordinary change and movement toward human flourishing the organization seeks.

Reporting to the Board of Trustees, the MP will be a catalyst, coach, co-creator, challenger, and mentor for HU’s programs and operations teams with the aim of nurturing a cohesive, compassionate, and accountable organization that is well-positioned to advance HU’s mission. The organization seeks to embody a highly networked model where empowerment, respect for interdependencies, delegated authority, and autonomy are distributed to the front lines of HU’s programming activities whenever feasible, allowing for the work to be informed and driven by on-the-ground perspectives, and mirroring the evolving and complex settings that HU engages in.

A true servant-leader, the MP will partner with HU’s Managing Directors for the Peacebuilding and Forced Labor/ Human Trafficking portfolios; Strategy/Learning/Impact; Policy and Communications; and Operations, People, Finance, and Legal to work through broad resource allocation and opportunity cost decisions, attuned to the multiple capitals available in HU’s work (financial, social, relational, human, intellectual, and others). This position is responsible for cultivating clarity, shared purpose, nimbleness, pragmatism, and effectiveness in HU’s operating environment as well as bridging and unifying the culture and communication between HU’s offices in Washington, D.C. and San Francisco. An enabler of cross-team and cross-functional learning, the MP will engender trust and trustworthiness, and most importantly, help cultivate a culture that continually aspires to the best of HU’s values.

In partnership with the senior leadership and Board, the MP will help frame and define HU’s systems approach to philanthropic engagement where its programmatic expertise and influence as well as its investment and grantmaking capital are deployed in ways that align with its strategic pillars and values. This will require an MP who is a collaborative thought partner, ensuring the organization is drawing on diverse sources and forms of knowledge across the globe, and is deeply respectful of the individuals and communities that HU supports. In this way, the MP is a connector and communicator with internal and external relationships, allowing HU to stay attuned to the realities and learnings from the field as well as clarifying and holding the long-term vision critical to cultivating compassion, action, and human flourishing.

Year-One Key Priorities

    • Spend the essential time building and fostering relationships with the HU team, the Board, stakeholders across The Omidyar Group, and external constituencies and partners. This listening and engagement tour represents a critical step for the MP to deeply understand the cultural and global environment in which HU operates, the unique advantages and distinctions each of its two offices has, and HU’s distinguished history.
    • Collaborate with HU’s senior leaders to build upon ongoing efforts to cultivate a high performing leadership model / management team for the organization that will unlock potential, increase coordination, and accelerate feedback loops around learning, innovation, and action into HU’s operating environment.
    • HU’s two portfolios—Peacebuilding and Forced Labor/Human Trafficking—are currently refining their strategies and workplans. The MP will join this iterative team effort to seek strong integration with the organization’s strategic pillars that move HU towards its vision as well as help ensure emerging synergies within HU and across The Omidyar Group are fully leveraged.
    • Based on insights gleaned from the above, the MP will support efforts to refresh human resources and operations systems to ensure alignment with evolving programmatic needs with particular attention to the essential role of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in HU’s strategic and operational priorities.

The Ideal Candidate

Humanity United seeks a Managing Partner who will bring proven capabilities and interest in organizational strategy, operations, culture building, and impact—and will approach these areas with accompaniment, deep listening, humility, and high integrity engagement. This is not a top-down, directive leadership role. A successful candidate will understand the value and power of facilitating an enabling team environment, encouraging colleagues to learn, act with integrity, and remain curious and compassionate in the face of challenge and setback. The MP will create structures that promote cohesiveness and shared accountability throughout the organization and allow HU to effectively explore new opportunities and ideas that will inform and shape its future direction.

Comfort with ambiguity, a high tolerance for risk-taking, and an ability to question underlying models / beliefs are all essential to the success of this role. This requires a high degree of perceptiveness and change management sophistication, and someone who is capable of navigating the current organizational structure with a critical lens. It also requires a skillset that effectively combines the ability to seek input from multiple sources in a transparent and inclusive way, encouraging constructive discussion, creatively synthesize a variety of data points, but also know when to proceed with, or encourage in others, experimentation and “doing” rather than overthinking.

With a management lens focused first on people and relationships, the MP will lead with a high degree of emotional intelligence, curiosity, and deep listening. The ability to conceptualize and develop high-performing teams based on trust and integrity is essential, cultivating an environment of empowerment where team members can be successful and purposeful. Managing through influence rather than directives, the MP will be adept at leveraging common threads around shared goals to foster change and learning at all levels in the organization.

Externally, the MP will be a skilled communicator who excels at convening diverse groups of stakeholders and who identifies compelling networks and organizations to expand HU’s understanding and impact. Drawing on many sources of wisdom from traditional practices to scientific research, the MP will seek out and embrace insights from diverse and far-reaching sources and continue to build HU’s trust in the field to further its mission.

Operating with a sense of humility and authentic cultural awareness, the ideal candidate will have a demonstrated track record working in international settings where welcoming differences and diverse perspectives were both a cultural and operating tenant. Candidates must also have experience working in complex, multi-sector contexts applying a systems-based approach. Direct experience working in any of HU’s program areas is not necessary; however, a genuine passion and interest in HU’s mission is essential, as is experience successfully breaking into new fields or industries and/or effectively grappling with complex, multifaceted local or global challenges. This includes knowing how to identify key stakeholders and how to build relationships, trust, and credibility in new settings.

Minimum Qualifications

Candidates must have a minimum of 20 years of professional experience, including significant management experience, with a special focus on building systems in growing entities with high performing teams. Operational leadership experience ideally includes some combination of the following: philanthropic or NGO; private sector, government, civil society, and/or social enterprise.

Exceptional written and verbal communication skills and keen listening abilities are critical since this position will be required to move seamlessly across a diverse national and international network of constituencies and media outlets. Frequent domestic and some international travel is required.

To Be Considered

Humanity United values, celebrates, and supports a diverse and inclusive environment throughout its organization. An equal opportunity employer, HU is committed to treating all applicants and employees without regard to unlawful considerations of race, religious creed, color, religion, sex, gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, national origin, ancestry, age, marital status, physical disability, mental disability, medical condition (cancer or genetic characteristics), genetic information, military and veterans status, citizenship and immigration status, or any other classification protected by applicable local, state, or federal laws.

All qualified candidates who contribute to HU’s broad commitment to diversity are strongly encouraged to submit their materials for consideration. The search for the Managing Partner is being conducted internationally; welcoming of all candidates globally, including those who may require work authorization in the United States.

To be considered, please visit Waldron’s candidate portal and submit your resume and a cover letter expressing your passion for the mission and fit for the role.

The search for a Managing Partner is being assisted by a team from Waldron:

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