Burundi: Humanity United concerned about summons of Iwacu Director Antoine Kaburahe

We at Humanity United believe that independent media has an essential role to play in societies around the world. We are deeply concerned to learn that Antoine Kaburahe, the director of the Burundian newspaper Iwacu, has been ordered to present himself on Monday to the Burundian Ministry of Justice and that his summons is linked to the failed May coup.

As a supporter and funder of Iwacu, we have been impressed by the professionalism of Mr. Kaburahe and the Iwacu team, as well as their ability to provide high quality journalism in challenging circumstances. Iwacu remains one of the last truly independent newspapers in Burundi. As the political situation in the country continues to escalate, Iwacu’s reporting remains more urgent than ever.

Mr. Kaburahe and Iwacu have released a statement noting their respect for the law. We appeal to the Burundian government to ensure Mr. Kaburahe’s freedom and safety.